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Every season on Face Off the V in the Glens shirts just gets deeper

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it was called the Roaring 20s because of the massive spike in dragon births during that time period

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Viking women <3

If I could dress like this every day, I would.

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Dyme Taylor

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Vida Guerra


Vida Guerra

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Flycandy.tumblr.com: Jessenia
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Jessenia - cooking

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(PART 1)

These gifs were found on various threads, I am unsure of the origins on some of them. 

These are the ones I’m sure of

1) Paranormal Activity 3 (watch here)

2) John Carpenter’s: In the Mouth of Madness (watch here)

3) The Conjuring (watch here)

4) VHS (watch here)

5) The Thing (watch here)

6) Nothing Really Matters- Madonna (music video) 

7) A maze in Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights based on La Llorona 

8) Devil’s Pass (watch here)

9) Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (watch here)

10) The Poughkeepie Tapes (watch here)

I’m arouse

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Gods, do I love this movie

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